During the break….

I was lucky enough to help out at ResonanceFM’s wonderful Sound Art Exhibition at Raven Row entitled Gone With The Wind.  The main feature of the exhibition were pioneering sound artists, Max Eastley, Takehisa Kosugi and Walter Marchetti. ResonanceFM installed themselves at Raven Row, where as well as focusing on these artists, they held a myriad of live performances and workshops. Over the next few weeks, we’ll play out various bits and bobs from this exhibition, this week starting with a piece called KME, a compilation of all three artists.

The Joint returns after a 5 month absence, doing their radio shows from the RDUnit, a converted horse truck. As the RDU studios are still out of bounds due to the Earthquake on Feb 22nd, NZ On Air come to the rescue and funded the mobile unit. Possibly the best investment NZ On Air has ever made.

On the Earthquake subject, friend and collegue Tim Baird (Pinacolada Records, Hot Wookie to Facebook friends) was kind enough to record an audio diary of events. Part One  is recorded whilst biking around Christchurch’s Red Zone cordon on April 13th.

These shows will all play out on a daytime loop between the hours of 12-7pm, other shows to feature are daily slots from Democracy Now, a mixtape from James Pants and Chapter One of Cormac McCarthy’s Blood Meridian.

On the evening loop from 7pm-12pm we’ll have sounds from the North Western Motorway, Animal Collective, Deerhunter, Portishead, Can, Ultravox, Aphrodite’s Child, Herman’s Rocket, Stockhausen, Kanye West, Com Truise, Demdike Stare, Thai Dai and Nigeria Special Modern Highlife 1970-76.

TransmissionFM 88.3FM Kingsland, Auckland,


Back on air……

After a six week break, TransmissionFM returns. The first live show is Gabriel Frederiskes’s Slow Education, country, bluegrass, gospel, western swing etc from 5pm – 7pm. Until then we’ll have a Sunday Arvo album session, featuring Music From Close Encounters of the Third Kind, Percy Faith’s More Music of Mexico, Maori Myths and Legends, Lee Perry’s Island Reggae Greats, Jean Michel Jarre’s Equinoxe, Nancy & Lee and Attilio Mineo Conducts Man In Space With Sounds.

Taking a break…..

TransmissionFM is currently off air, as I’m in London collecting some new sounds and learning more about Arts Radio.

We’ll be back on July 18th…..

The loop the loop the loop the loop……

Burial & Four Tet, The Gordons, Can’s “Monster Movie”, Madlib’s “Beat Konducta” and Goblin’s “Suspira”. Human Instinct, Zombi, Chaz Jankel, Carl Craig, Black Dice and Black Sabbath. Andrew Weatherall, Butthole Surfers, new music from Art Department and Tim Hecker and a mixtape from The Hood Internet. Compilation wise, Cambodia Rock Spectacular!, Ninja Cuts Funkjazztical Tricknology and a sampler from Christchurch’s Tally Ho! mag, Radikool Emotionz. More from Vague Terrain and Democracy Now!

Sunday Sunday…….

…today we have been broadcasting the Primavera Festival in Barcelona courtesy of WFMU. Gabriel is up at 5pm to present the final of A Slow Education. At 7pm we’ll pay tribute to Gil Scott-Heron who died yesterday aged 62.


Over the next few days, I’ll be adding shows that Transmission FM has hosted over the past few weeks, under the page “Podcasts”. The shows include, Hayden Sinclair Presents…., Is This The Future?, Swimsuit Issue and Slow Education. Enjoy.

Last in the series…..

….of “Hayden Sinclair Presents…” and “Is This The Future?”.

At 7:40pm Hayden and brother Craig present Part 2 of their knowledge of ECM Music. And at 9pm, “Is This The Future?” – ART, EMPIRE, INDUSTRY. Can all this machinery making modern music still be open hearted? What does “Pump up the volume” mean in the era of blogs and podcasts? Is there an ‘outside’ to commodity culture, or to put it another way, is cultural resistance a contradiction in terms? Double the freeform ranting in this end-of-season special.