On the loop this week….

…Wendy Carlos’s score of “A Clockwork Orange”, The Clean, Nelsh Bailter Space, 1990 Comp” Xpressway Pile Up”, Dark Beat & New Pop Comps “Serie Noire Vols 1 &2”, DJ Shadow, Sonic Youth, Connan Mockasin, Seasick Steve, Neu!, 13th Floor Elevators, Crippled Black Phoenix, Pixeltan, and Ratatat. New music from James Pants and Wellingtonians Diana Rozz. Repeats of last weeks shows including Swimsuit Issue and Slow Education. Democracy Now and a few noises and loops……88.3FM in Kingsland, Auckland.



…..Democracy Now chats with Harry Belafonte on Art & Politics, Civil Rights and his critique on President Obama. Dick Hyman’s Moog album “The Age of Electonicus. 50 Years of the BBC Part 2, Richard Fearless’s (Death In Vegas) “Live at The Social” mix from 1999 and again we plunder from the Vague Terrain vaults, this week Simon Longo and his piece “Flux”. The Joint boys are back, and have compiled a 2 hour mixtape called Blue Jam.

Tonight, Hayden Sinclair presents….. Part 1 of a two part special on ECM Music, and at 9pm, Is This The Future? Episode 5.

On the loop……

…this week. Repeats of Tuesday’s and Sunday’s broadcast. The music of Shayne P Carter, (Bored Games, Double Happys, Straitjacket Fits and Dimmer). Chris & Cosey, Delia & Gavin, Harmonia & Eno, The Time & Space Machine. Arp, Boards Of Canada, Gonzales, Sun Ra, Black Mountain, and Fela Kuti. Some new music in the form of Crimea X, Gayngs and Scientist Launches Dubstep Into Outer Space. On the compilation side of things, “Obsession”, 60’s & 70’s Psych from Brazil, Peru and Turkey. “Horse Meat Disco”, disco stompers from the Vauxhall club night’s namesake. “Space Oddities” a compilation of rare European library grooves. “Wizzz French Psychorama Vol 2 1966-1970”. And Democracy Now….

Broadcasting at 12pm today…

…..Democracy Now, discusses Al Jazeera journalist Dorothy Parvez, who is currently in Syrian detention. A Summer mixtape from the DIRTY boys. Part 1 of “BBC 1922-1972”. A mixtape from Chocolate Industries, and one from Spank Rock. An interlude from French composer / musicologist Pierre Schaeffer. From the Vague Terrain vaults, “Hum” from Portuguese Sound Artist Eosin. At 4:30pm, we’ll play out the Robert Fisk authored, Noam Chomsky narrated “War, Geopolitics, and History: Conflict In The Middle East” from 2006.

From 7:30pm Hayden Sinclair Presents….”Bass Tapping, Who What Why?” and at 9pm Delores La Picho presents “Is This The Future? Pt 4”.

Sunday’s and country music……

…go hand in hand. Gabriel Frederikse presents, “Slow Education“, Sundays 5-7pm, country, blues, gospel…….

A new show……..

……..starts this evening.

Swimsuit Issue begins at 7:30. Jas and Llama playing punk, post-punk, twee, mo-town, folk, electro, obscures, garage, 80’s hardcore and riot grrl/queercore. For more info, http://www.swimsuitissueradio.blogspot.com

Also on this weeks loop, Welsh Rare Beats 2, George Harrison, The Byg Deal, Spike Milligan’s Bad Jelly The Witch, Black Meteoric Star, Brian Eno, The Cure’s Faith, Dirty French Psychedelics, Flying Nun’s 25th Anniversary Boxset, Cluster, Wooden Shijps, Forge Your Own Chains, Nigeria Rock Special, HDU, Baldelli’s Cosmic C67 tape, Stereolab, Jean Pierre Massiera, Super Discount, Iggy Pop and Dick Dale and the Del Tones.

A bit late…

…..due to a computer malfunction, but we’re up and running.

From 6pm, Democracy Now discusses one story, and that being the death of Osama Bin Laden. We have a short interlude from a mixtape of Daniele Baldelli and then at 7:30pm Hayden Sinclair Presents (with brother Craig) the music of Wyndham Hill Records. At 9pm Delores La Picho presents Is This The Future? – Interpretations.

“Our theme for Week Three ┬áis INTERPRETATIONS. The “cover version” done by the “covers band” has a bad press, especially in the post-Beatles era. But we have a much longer cultural tradition, the folk tradition, in which the material is common to the culture and all the originality comes in the performance. Is this a more sustainable cultural model in the era of filesharing?”